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Magnetek Century Lasar Pool spa motor pump

This forum is reserved for those with circulation pump problems. This kind of pump is generally used to circulate water for heating and filtration purposes only.

Magnetek Century Lasar Pool spa motor pump

Postby DUPRIEU » Sun Jun 13, 2004 4:19 am

I am located in France. I bought 6 years ago a spa through a French reseller who in the mean time has gone bankrupt !!

My spa is from Pinnacle Systems Hurricane series. It seems there aren’t any resellers for Pinnacle left in France. I have a problem with the main 2 speed pump on my Spa. This pumps is roasted and does not function anymore.

The main 2-Pump 2 Speed pump reference is
Magnetek Century Lasar pool/spa motor pump
1081/1563 pump duty
CAT BN 55 part 7.186364 82
HP 2.0-25
(HP 3.SLP written on another sticker)
220 240 V Amps 9.2-8.8/3.0-3.3 hz 50
Rpm 2850 tr/mn 1425 tr/mn Amb 40°C 8F 1.00 Time CONT Code A encl DP
FR Y 48 Y Form PHM Insul Class B PH 1 Serial BS 12-04
P2 1.5-.19 KW

Could you help me !! I am ready to buy directly a pump or a system from the USA provided I am sure I order the right system to replace the old one or a new one with the right instruction to adapt it in my spa for the company which is going to install it.
Can I find this pump in Europe ? Could you help me finding a resseler in Europe or in the US ?
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Postby zakmichaels » Tue Jun 15, 2004 3:11 pm

Bon Jour Duprieu,

I just ordered a Magnetek BN34 replacement from the following company:

Unfortunately, I do not see a BN55 though I do see a BN50. Perhaps you could correspond with them and resolve your problem.

Bon Chance,
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Postby patmoulins » Thu Nov 25, 2004 12:12 pm

Bonjour monsieur DUPRIEU vous est il possible de nous joindre concernant votre probléme de pompe au 06 14 74 14 94
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