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What does it mean when the display says?

Cal Spa - does not heat - reads HH code

If you've got a digital display and keep getting some strange indications from it or flashing lights that don't make sense, post your question here.

Cal Spa - does not heat - reads HH code

Postby danallen » Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:22 pm

:oops: I have a 3 yr old Cal Spa Avalon series spa with GE 6200-6300 control unit and GE pumps powered by 230V. When I turn it on it begins the start up process, then HH (high heat) shows on the screen. Ironically, it does not heat at all. How can I determine whether this is the heater unit, or something else?
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Re: Cal Spa - does not heat - reads HH code

Postby danielduncan777 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:40 pm

Check to see if your circulation pump is pumping. The best way to tell is to turn off the breaker and then turn it back on. It should go from silent to a small hum and you should se water movement in the tub. If you dont see water movement then your circulation pump is bad which means that water will sit in the heater and overheat rather than be moved through it so it does not overheat. The hh is an indication that the water is not flowing. You should try to clean the circulation pum by removing it and the splitting the pump body in half and clean the components inside. these pumps fail when you use too much chemical or by calcium buildup.
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Re: Cal Spa - does not heat - reads HH code

Postby calsparepair » Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:05 pm

The "HH" code should only trip after the "OH" code has popped five times. It should be necessary to reset the breaker to clear the HH error.

If the tub is displaying HH right away (either before the self-test or before the pump starts) you will need to replace the circuit board.

You might try reversing Sensor A and Sensor B just to see if the tub trips a different error code when you turn the power back on but the system should detect a sensor problem and even tell you which one needs to be replaced (SNA or SNB error codes).

TURN OFF THE POWER then open the control box. You should see a sensor on each end of the stainless steel heater manifold. If you trace the wires from the sensors back to the circuit board you should see where they plug in. Unplug and swap Sensor A with Sensor B at the circuit board. Turn the power back on.

Your tub should have a variation of the Balboa M-7 control box so there shouldn't be a pressure switch to worry about. The relays on the board should be sealed so there is no way to check for a stuck heat relay.

When you first turn on the power the tub should perform a firmware self-test and then display "Pr". If you press the Temp Up or Down button this should bypass priming mode and turn the pump on at low speed.

Once the pump is running the display should change to -- as the system measures the water temperature. It should then turn the heater on for a few seconds then turn it off as it tests for water flow. A minute or so later it should turn the heater on full time and heat to the default temperature of 100 degrees.

From your description above it sounds like the HH error is tripping long before any of this happens. That is a sure sign you'll need to replace the circuit board.
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Re: Cal Spa - does not heat - reads HH code

Postby Nichibei » Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:47 pm

Would the HH code appear for some reason if the control box had been continuously sprayed with water for a long time? We had a leak in the heater union and started getting a sequence of dr, dy, and then HH after that. Now it just goes straight to HH.

I am trying to figure out if the problem is due to corrosion on the sensors or the fact the control box got very wet.
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