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What does it mean when the display says?

Filter cycle settings?

If you've got a digital display and keep getting some strange indications from it or flashing lights that don't make sense, post your question here.

Filter cycle settings?

Postby Frankwhoa » Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:22 am

I have a California Cooperage by Coleman Spa 103. Several years old that I acquired several months ago. What are the F3 - F6 settings/codes? I have no idea how I brought them up or how I got out of it nor what setting it is on now but my spa seems to be running a lot more now. Nothing else has changed except my cover has a small tear at the seam now from being dropped. Would that cause it to run 'alot' more to maintain a 95 temp in southern new orleans? I did drain it and put in a new filter right before this but I think the issue is in the F3-F6 settings? What are these and what do they do??
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