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IQ 2020 heater control board relay replacment

If your spa control has any type of circuit board in the control box, then this is your section for getting answers to your questions.

IQ 2020 heater control board relay replacment

Postby powderripper » Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:04 pm

2001 Hot Springs Grande that I got for free. :mrgreen:
Upgraded from an 86 Grande which I sold for $100 needing a new pump.
I was told a pump was bad and it leaked. First I found the NO Fault 4kw heater was in 2 pieces.
A tube had come out of each end, I cleaned the seals and pressed it back together.
One end had a very slow drip which stopped after in a few days.
when running the main pumps you can see water leaking out of the back of motor compartment.
All motors work fine, yea.
after a few weeks of adding a couple inches of water daily it quit heating.
Main board showed it was heating. After finding this site I found the burnt marks on the relay board.
After 23 years maintaining million dollar computers, replacing a relay shouldn't be to bad.
turns out that it's a special order item and need to order 1000 or more and would take 2 mo.
That was the 18 v trigger G8P-1C4P-dc18. their tec suggested the 24 volt which should trigger on the 18v on the board is heaver duty and is in production. I found them at They had a local office and called to see if they had a city desk. They ship out of TX. I said I only need one and they offered to send a sample for free including shipping. WOW. Got it in 3 days, soldered in place and reinstalled the board and then the heater started heating again.
Now a few months later waiting for some out of town help to come help tip it on the side to find the leaks, I put in the blue dye to locate the leaks and realized that the water was cool again.
Checked and found the other 18v relay had blown. I went to and ordered 5 for under $20 with shipping and handling. had it soldered and installed in 30 min.. It's heating again and I have 4 spare relays.
What surprised me was that it quit leaking when the water cooled down. now waiting for it to heat up and start leaking again so the blue dye will lead me to the leaks.
$80 dollars for new filters on ebay, $20 for relays and $20 trailer rental to get it home.
$120 isn't too bad for a 15 year newer tub.
I do miss the 2 large lower jets of the older tub, but my wife loves the twisting jets where she didn't use the jets in the older tub.
when I first installed the tub I couldn't get it to power up untill I found this pic. (GFCI diagram, 3 & 4 wire set )on this site.
my old tub didn't use the white load nutural on the bottom of the breaker, didn't even know it was there. wired it correctly and powered up fine.

Allied electric part number for the 24v relay is 821-5603
Omron part number is G8P-1C4P-DC24
Way cheaper then a $250 relay board.
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