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Tiger River Bengal, high limit thermostat tripping

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Tiger River Bengal, high limit thermostat tripping

Postby DanielDCD » Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:55 pm


I have a 1999 Tiger River Bengal model, it uses the IQ2000 control , a watkins 6000 "no-fault" heater. I am using it with 220v service, there are 2 GFCI breakers, a 220v one that only operates the heater, and a 110v one that does the pumps and control. I had it hooked up and working for over a year so I am confident that all of the electrical connection are correct and working. After a recent drain and refill, I activated the breakers, allowing the circ pump to run for a while to purge air before turning the heater on. After a while I turned on the heater, and confirmed it was working fy feeling for warmth under the bottom of the two stainless tubes. I checked the LEDs on the control, and the "limit ok " and "power on" are on. So I walk away and expect to come back in a few hours to a warm tub, but instead at some point everything shuts off and the power light starts blinking. The manual says this is due to the heater high limit thermostat tripping. I have tested the heater with the 3 wires disconnected from the control board. I get 14.6 ohms between the black and white wire, and I have an open reading between the green and white, and green and black. Online information tells me that the heater is supposed to have a reset button but this one does not. I even removed it and inspected it all over and there is no reset button. Is there a test I can run on the two thermostat sensor things that plug into the heater ? What else can I do to solve this issue ?

thanks in advance-
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Re: Tiger River Bengal, high limit thermostat tripping

Postby sawtooth111 » Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:50 am

Hi there, I have a similar story. I have tested the two thermistors, they are fine. My circ pump is running. I removed the filter but the temp stays at 86 degrees. I am wondering if an air lock would keep the heater from turning on. If circulation turns on the heater and the circ pump is working maybe the circulation is not getting to the heater? Or if there is a flow switch that must be turned on by the circulation of water, maybe the flow is not great enough?? Or maybe that switch is bad? But in that case it would not heat at all. I see no one else has responded to you. I also see that there are several similar postings of this kind of question. Have you had any more help or insights? Michael
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