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Dynasty Spas FLO error

Probably the biggest problem faced by spa owners when it stops heating.

Dynasty Spas FLO error

Postby kerrylf » Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:37 pm

I inherited a 2008 Dynasty spa when I purchased my new home. After troubleshooting 7 leaks, I finally got it up and running. I tried it out last night for the first time and it worked great for about an hour, but then both pumps turned off and I got a FLO error. We were not using the heater. I cleaned the filter cartridges, but the display now switches between 3 dashed lines and the FLO error. The pumps will not turn on at all. I checked all the gate valves to make sure they are not closed. I am not sure what to check next. I am completely new to spa operations, so please don't assume I know anything. Any help would be appreciated.
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