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Tub was working, now it goes on and kicks the breaker

If your spa keeps tripping the breaker, blowing fuses, or it's equipped with a GFCI and it keeps tripping, you'll find the best help here.

Tub was working, now it goes on and kicks the breaker

Postby dprincz33 » Sun Nov 14, 2010 5:20 pm

I have a Jacuzzi brand Z140 bought from home depot in the early 2000's with the top side knob for temp control. Bought it used, had it hooked up with a 50amp gfci -240v. Tub was running fine for a couple of weeks then it stopped. The first problem was a blinking error code which from looking at online forums i found should have been a flow error. The pumps were working and the jets were moving water so i figured it was a pressure switch problem. Changed the pressure switch as well as the heater (just in case) with new parts and the tub runs. However, after about an hour it kicks the breaker out. I felt the gfci and it was very hot. Could i have a faulty gfci or is it supposed to get that hot??? or could it be something else? The other thing i noticed was i checked the voltage at the tub and it was around 280. Could this be a problem also??? Any help would be appreciated. thanks
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Re: Tub was working, now it goes on and kicks the breaker

Postby tubman76 » Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:29 pm

An easy way to test the breaker would be: Turn power to the tub off. Disconnect the main power wires at the hot tub control panel terminal block. If necessary, mark the wires with color coded tape or labels so you know which wire goes where when you go to re-connect the wires to the terminal block. Cap off the wires with Wire nuts and electrical tape to avoid any unwanted contact with the wires. Double check that the disconnected wires at the tub are safely capped off and not touching anything. Now turn the breaker back on and wait to see if the breaker trips when the tub is not even connected to it. It may take a little while for this to happen, but if the breaker does trip even though there is nothing connected to it then you have a bad GFCI breaker. In my experience the black and white Cuttler Hammer GFCI breakers seem to be more prone to failing that others.

I feel I must say that I am in no way held responsible for any accidents that could occur during this test process. If you are not comfortable working with electricity than I highly suggests you contact a local professional to do this for you.
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