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Water evaporation?

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Water evaporation?

Postby User_Name » Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:05 pm

I'm having the weirdest problem this winter that I have not seen in the past. In the last 2 months I have seen my water evaporate down to the filter level (approx 3 to 5 inches from top of spa) so I have to refill the spa with water. Either that, or it is a leak, but I cannot see any water leaking around the tub and it always stops at the filter door, but all summer long it was fine maintaining a water level without leakage. It was only until Winter when this started happening. We got down under zero degrees here for awhile and I keep the tub around 96 degrees until I want to use it in which case I heat it up more.

Have you heard of that much evaporation before that fast? Another thing it might be (in my opinion) is that my spa cover vinyl flaps have become brittle so they don't hang freely anymore covering the tub sides. They are kind of stiff and allow lots more air in the sides more than likely. Could that contribute to that much evaporation?

I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions regarding my scenario,
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Re: Water evaporation?

Postby Roy G Biv » Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:36 pm

I'm having the exact same problem.... I use my hot-tub on the weekends, and after 7 days, the water is almost under the filter intake.... I even have a thermal blanket.


1) I bought a new cover, and it has side-flaps... my hot-tub is "in-ground", so the flaps are useless, and may in fact be preventing the cover from sitting flush on my deck. It's hard to tell though...

2) My minimum temperature seems to be set at 69, as this is the temperature I find the tub at when I arrive on Friday nights. Is this too high? I actually cannot find where to change it on my Jandy Aqualink PDA.... It only seems to have a temperature setting for when the heater is turned on (set to 104).


PS. This thread seems to be in the wrong forum.
Roy G Biv
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