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4th and 40, Need Help and Don't know where to post.

Jacuzzi Ozonator is dead.

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Jacuzzi Ozonator is dead.

Postby Fungi » Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:51 pm

Hi all, New to this forum but not to Hot Tubs...

Tub: Jacuzzi J-345 50th anniversary model
Capacity: 336 gallons
Ozonator: Yes
Jets: 27
Power: 240vac @ 60amp, can run pumps and heater at same time.
Circ Pump: Yes
Use: Year round, once every weeknight, sometime twice a day on W/E by two clean average size naked humanoids.

Last week we had a storm and it killed my outside driveway light and my Jacuzzi's ozonator. I was chatting with the Jacuzzi support guy. He told me the ozonator originally used on my tub had a problem of gunking up with brown acid, and they now install a new design that does not have that problem. I asked him for the part number but he could not find it. I called back today and his recommendation is to contact a dealer... I am an Electronic Engineer and can replace this myself, but I have no idea what to order. Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

The ozonator it has now is a blue box smaller than a shoe box. I think it's a CD type as it used to make a high pitched noise. Two ports, one unconnected and one with a long 1/4" tube. There are two check valves, with a flow restrictor between them, and then it connects to a fitting on a larger tube.

Help me please. I don't trust it without the ozone. Thanks, Jim
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Re: Jacuzzi Ozonator is dead.

Postby Beth1 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:19 am

If you log onto you will find likely the same ozone system as the one you have. All spa ozone generators should be replaced or refreshed every 2-3 years. If you cannot find the one you are looking for please send an email to Wayne Babcock or call him at 805 541 1601 ex. 229 and give hime your spa info and he can get a properly sized generator for you, or refer you to a local dealer. BTW, the "brown gunk" is nitric acid, which will slowly build up on the ozone cell inside the generator after several years of operation (especially when the humidity is high); this is caused from a combination of the high voltage corona, nitrogen in ambient air and water vapor. I hope this helps! Beth Hamil, VP Corporate Compliance DEL Ozone.
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