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We just refilled our spa/hot tub and...

LX-10 Showing Error Code "-06"

If your spa or hot tub has been working fine, you just drained and refilled it only to find out that the jets or heater won't work, or you're getting some strange reading on your display, this is where you call 'home'.

LX-10 Showing Error Code "-06"

Postby webghost » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:40 am


I've just moved into a rental with a spa. I'm trying to help the owner get it functional again (for my own benefit of course!). Unfortunately I do not know much about the spa. It's above ground, has a Spa Builders LX-10 spa pack with the LX-10 4-button control, it's running on a 230v dedicated circuit. It has "Arizona Pacific Spas" stickers on it but no model number for the spa as a whole that I can see.

I fixed some plumbing issues and it now holds water. However, when I power it up the pump comes on fine and the jets work but every time the heater tries to turn on, the indicator light lights up, I hear a click, and then it turns off. Takes less than a second for all of this to happen. The controls display a 00 followed by a -06 over and over again. I've done some googling and numeric codes don't seem to be documented for the LX-10. Everything I've seen says it should be alphanumeric. Does anyone know what this code means?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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