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Electric Heater Problems

2003 Bullfrog - Not Heating - Balboa Components

2003 Bullfrog - Not Heating - Balboa Components

Postby checkmate1996 » Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:26 am

Folks, this is my first official post. This looks like a good forum so I am hoping one of the experts can help. I do appreciate any and all feedback. I had a HT repair guy come and and he just started telling me the world was going to end with my whole ht and it's not worth replacing and better off just buying one his preferred news ones for a low, low price of $6995!!! haha So, I finally said, "What would it cost to getRgoin'?" He pulled his calculator and started thinking in his head and then said," well you'll need one of these, those, that, etc"...we can get you going for oh....(after punching some numbers on the calculator again) $1900 plus tax..." I about fell over...Any way I told him I would get back with him real soon....

That being said, here is my issue. I have a 2003 Bullfrog Spa and has been running great until about month ago. The top side control unit reports 64 degrees and it feels 64 degrees! I am new to hot tub troubleshooting but not electronics and/or mechanical stuff as I work on cars and build computers as other hobbies...(I need the HT to relax afterwards!) So what I'm looking for is the most probable cause and/or troubleshooting tests to determine root cause. (I have some nice high-end multimeters to measure resistance and continuity so that shouldn't be an issue; just need some guidance on where to go on the board)

Here's what I do know:
the circulation pump appears to be working
all jets work fine
no obvious burns on the circuit board
no obvious broken wires
no leaks - everything is bone dry
top side panel works great - all functions/buttons work
heat light comes on
no errors are listed on the panel
50 Amp unit

here's what I have for the guts:
Heater element is the more common - Balboa 5.5kw 240v 15" 2x2 M7 model#58000
Control Unit - Balboa - Whm-Std05-CCAH - 2003 2 Pump 50 Amp

What say ye?

Thanks again!
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