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Electric Heater Problems

No heat in an old Hot Springs Spa

No heat in an old Hot Springs Spa

Postby katjane » Wed Jul 02, 2008 11:43 am

1. Make, Model, and Year of Spa or Hot Tub: Hot Spring Model F or FH not sure of year maybe 10-15 yrs old

2. Main Power Input, eg 115 dedicated circuit, 230 v circuit, or separate breakers for pump, blower, etc. --no idea tell me how to figure it out and I will find out

3. Type and/or Brand & Model of Control -- no idea again tell me how to tell

4. Topside control; If this means how to turn it on, its a rectangular push button

5. Pump Configuration-- no idea again tell me how to tell

6. Thermostat: knob on topside control,

7. Heater Type - -no idea again tell me how to tell

We were given an old hot tub not sure what year maybe 10-15 years old. Everything works on it but no heat at all. We are total newbs at this (as you can probably tell from the information above) and dont know where to start. If someone could point us in the right direction that would be great!
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