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Electric Heater Problems

bad relay?

bad relay?

Postby atcgoddess » Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:50 pm

i have a hot spring Jetsetter model year 1990.. aside from my previous thread. i thought it was having a heat issue.. well turns out.. the heat works.. but now i think the relay is bad.

this morning after leaving the tub heat up all night.. i went out to a nice 96° tub. so i got in it and enjoyed it for a while. got out.... and let the tub heat up a little more.. got up to 102° and then i turned the dial down till i could hear it click off. then... i got in again. ran the jets for a little bit.. about 30 min or so.. then got out.. . checked the temp... it was back to 96 or so. i figured it was normal given it was a 70° day, raining, and the tub is in my garage. with the door open and no thermal cover. so i turn the dial back up to increase the heat again.. and... no click. i turn the dial all the way down...let it sit fora few min.. then turned it up again... with no click... i reset the power... still nothing. i pull the thermostat out of the pipe....let it cool off... and still nothing.

im going to drain the tub and move it tommorow so i just turned the power off and called it a night.

i think its the relay... anyone else agree?
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