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15 year old redwood hot tup - growing a beard inside

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15 year old redwood hot tup - growing a beard inside

Postby kent » Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:51 pm


We have had our redwood hot tub for 15 years. About 6 months ago it started getting "slippery" or "furry" on the sides and under the seats. After stiff brushing and a water change I cleaned out the filter. What I cleaned out was wood fibers. Enough to make a large soft ball. Other symptoms include: (1) losing wood between the red wood boards that make up the seats (I can see the dowels) and (2) the jets are now about 1/8" past the side wall of the tub - looks like the wood up and left.

[list=]Normal care and feeding:
[*]Using test strips for chloride and ph - adjust once a week
[*]Filter cleaned after psi change in filter as marked on pressure cap

Current open issues:
1. Air leak in air supply hose to jets
2. Water leak around pvc hose feeding jets (about 0.5" week)

Maintenance in 15 years:
[list=]Replaced filter media three times
Replaced moter once
Replaced filter canister
Removed seats, planed them, put then back in.
What can I do to shave the beard and stop the wood from leaving the hot tub?

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